Are you experiencing issues when watching ads in game?

Sometimes when attempting to watch ads in game you will encounter issues such as no video being available or a video not appearing.

When this issue occurs it is unfortunately due to the following:

- If there is an outage with the third party ad service which is distributing in your region
- If you have an unstable Internet connection
- If your device has auto detect enabled for finding the strongest Internet connection in your area.
- If you are using developer settings which would not normally be enabled.
- If you have enabled any ad altering settings or downloaded modifications on your device

If you experience an issue, report it to us via Helpshift if it persists for longer than 24hrs.

We do work closely with fyber to ensure these issues are given urgent attention. If you want to contact them directly though you may do so via

Please ensure you provide them with all details about your ad related issue such as:
- Location
- Screenshot or Video
- How many times it occurs over the last month
- Internet connection type
- Additional information