If you are having an issue you can enter a direct ticket to our customer service group by following the instructions below:

- Open Chaos Battle League on your device
- Go to the setting screen
- Select Support
- If you can find anything helpful in the FAQ
- At the bottom of the screen answer the "Was this helpful?" as No
- When you do this the "Contact Us" Button will appear, tap it.
- A New Conversation screen will appear. Simply fill out the requested fields and then hit send.

Once sent, a customer support representative will get back to you in 72hrs.

It will speed up the process if you could provide our Lab Employees with the following when you open a ticket:

- A detailed description of your problem, what you're seeing, and where it is occurring.
- A screenshot of the issue
- User in-game name
- Any troubleshooting details you've attempted already

Thank you for your patience.

Chaos Battle League Customer Support

Hours of Operations:

Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm (PST)